Boston Pork Butt Smoked

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pork Butt – 5 lbs. Salted the amount I would a salad then rubbed with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub about 4 pm Saturday. Covered with plastic wrap on a small cookie sheet and left in the refrigerator.

8:30 AM – Started Weber Kettle with SnS with aluminum foil under meat to catch drippings and channel air to SnS.Lite 12 briquettes in the chimney and when almost grey added to one end of the SnS. Poured in briquettes to below the edge (less that last time) and added pecan chunks. Let it burn to settle in for 15-20 minutes. Lower vent only a crack and upper open about 50%.

9:15 am – Put on the butt. Misted it with water. Grate temp with bi-metal thermometer was 250 after 30 minutes.

10:30 am – Grate temp was still 250. Added two more pecan chunks as two have almost burned up and there was almost no smoke. Only heat from top vent and not even a wisp.

11:45 am – Grate temp was still 250. Dome temp was 290 or so.

1:30 pm – Added pecan chunks and grate temp is 225.

2:35 pm – Added 6 briquettes and a wood chunk. Grate temp was 220.

3:30 pm (6 hours) – Grate temp is 225 and internal temp with fast-read digital thermometer is 165.

4:00 pm – Need to eat at 6:30 and still internal is 165 so deployed the Texas Crutch and wrapped in foil. Added Chardonnay as that is what was in the glass. Add five more briquettes.

5:00 pm – Grate temp was still about 225 but internal was up to 190. Dome temp was still 300.

5:30 pm – Dome temp at 340 and smoke tint on grate temp makes it unreadable. Internal is at 205-195. Texas Clutch and raising fire sped it up big time.

6:30 pm – Removed from smoker and unwrapped. Meat cracked cleanly and pulled apart with little effort. Bone slide out. Bark was not crunchy but also not soggy. There was a pool of liquid inside the foil wrap and much more than the wine I added.

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