Pork CSR’s on the Weber

Saturday evening, August 20, 2016 – Rubbed five large pork country style ribs with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub. Several had the rib bones and those I pulled off the silver skin.

Sunday afternoon put into cold MES with Traeger hickory pelleys burning. 2.5 hours later in the smoke at 225 pulled and wrapped in foil with a little ACV poured over.20160821_042805

Monday – Mary warmed up two of the larger ribs in the steamer. They were moist and flavorful with the smoke being light. The crust was there but also light and not at all spicy. Nice “left overs”.

What might make them better?

  • More spicy zing byway of a spicier baste.
  • Heavier smoke early in the cook. The tray started slow and we lost maybe the first hour with a light smoke. Start the tray earlier outside the box until it is raging.
  • A salty dry-brine as it had little salt …although was not tasteless like in no salt. BUT, the Stubbs has a lot of salt so there would need to be a balance.
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