Pork Loin Bone-In Smoke

Very nice fresh 5# bone-in roast bought at Randall’s for $0.99/lb. Night before dry brined with APL’s Four Seasons. About an hour before putting in MES added Cayenne, paprika and dried minced garlic.

Ambient temp stayed around 76° and humidity was 85+%. Pre20160605_124759heated MES40 to cook at 240 on the third rack from the top.

12:30 PM – Put roast in pan with 1/2″ chicken broth into smoker on third rack from the top.

1:15 – MES has been set at 250 but seems like grate temp is staying over 260 so reset to 235. after a while grate temp stabilized at ~244.

2:10 – Pulled tomatoes and jalapenos I was also smoking for salsa so the door has been opened at least twice more that it had to. See separate post about that smoke.

2:30 – Grate 254, MES probe reads 244 – TBS

3:20  – Grate 252, MES probe reads 245 – TBS

3:40 –  Grate 261, MES probe reads 244 – TBS, Inserted MES meat probe and IT is 134. IT with RT600C is 128.

4:00 –  Grate 256, MES probe reads 255, IT 139 – TBS

4:20  –  IT with MES probe is 135, and in two places with RT600C is 148 and 128.

4:45 – Pulled from smoker as IT with MES probe is 161.

Let it rest for about 30 minutes under a foil tent. Cut off two “chops” from the end where I had cut off two for Kelley. They were not as done as we like and the rest–further into the middle–were less done. Put it into the oven wrapped in foil at 300 for 30 minutes. When it came out it smell done.

Good but not great. Final roast in foil seemed to wash it out–or off. Needed bolder bark.


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