Pork Loins Bone-in Smoked

June 17, 2016 – Two 3-pound bone-in loins have thawed in the refer so sprinkled with Four Seasons to pre-season and salt brine.

June 18, Saturday20160618_130421

8:00 am – Sprinkled evenly My Rub kicked up with 2t of Cayenne. Smeared Mustard Moisturizer for Pork on top of the rub as forgot to add it first. This may be the way as the rub was well blended into the blend as opposed to sitting on top.

1:00 pm- Ambient Temp is 86°. Put into pre-warmed MES at 250. Good smoke from AMNZTS until removed. TS was loaded 50% with small apple chips and 50% hickory pellets. Added the chips then pellets then shook. Repeated until full.

6:30 – Put into oven at 275. IT temp for one of them is about 160.

8:00 – IT temp for the smaller one is 205-215. Removed it and left the larger one with an IT of 195. Moved the probe and found a spot that was 189.

9:00 – Larger one only. IT is still 189…strange. Removed it and it cooled until about 10 when I put it into the cooler with the ribs (in a plastic lock seal container) and the small loin still wrapped in foil.

June 19, Sunday, Fathers Day

11:00 AM – Chopped the small one up and added finishing sauce made from the jus with 50:50 vinegar, a little cayenne pepper and black pepper.  Had it with red onion and home grown tomatoes with my version of Franklin’s Sauce. VERY good although there was no heat from the rub nor the finishing sauce.

Vac sealed two “large” pieces remaining after cleaning up the chunks and tossing the bones. Odd that the original raw hunks that were the small ones of the lot (when I bought two full loins for $0.99/lb. did not have ribs but rather a large ball joint and small vertebra-like bones.

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