Pork Loin Brined -Smoked

Only an ok cook but a lot of good ideas embedded to try next time.

11/3/16, 8 PM – 5.2 lb whole pork loin. Brined in: 1 gal water; 1/2C Morton Canning & Pickling Salt, 1C ACV, 1/2C turbinado sugar, 2T yellow mustard.

NEXT TIME – Try Steve Raichelin’s brine recipe here.

11/4/2016 – 5 pm – removed loin from the brine and into a zip lock with air pressed out and back into refer for tomorrow afternoons smoke.

11/5/2016, 3:00 pm – Remove brined ~2.5 lb. loin from zip lock bag, slathered with yellow mustard and sprinkled with dried rosemary, then sprinkled on Magic Swamp Dust w/o MSG, and then CBP.

3:15 – Put on third rack from the top of MES (preheated to 235) on a 1/4 sheet pan with wire grate with ChefWorks probe in place after whipping it with Everclear. Put air probe on 2nd grate. Smoke was from ChefMaster blend pellets.

4:15 – MES is set at 235 but reading 227 and heating. Air probe says 210 and IT is 96.

As the chip loader is pulled out to the half size section to allow plenty of air in so the pellets burn, and there is no moisture accumulation on the glass perhaps there is enough air flow to remove heat and let it drop a lot so the temp swing is wider and it fell lower. But, loin is not a wet meat so that would also contribute to the drier smoke chamber.

5:30 – MES has been set at 235 and reading 232 and heating. Air probe says 218 and IT is 126.

6:15 – Moved it to the oven set at 350. IT per Chefworks was 133.

7:00 – IT is 155. Pulled and left wrapped to rest and come up to 160.

At 7:20 tired of waiting and cut it. It was done through. Crust is a bit dry but the inside red meat is nice.  The white side is chewy but not tough and dry.

Next Time – Should have added a broth to the foil when it went into the oven. The smoke flavor seemed not distinctive. Should have wrapped in bacon.

Try brining like Adam Perry Land with crab boil here.

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