Pork Shoulder Competitioned Trimmed, Smoked

Fat Trimmed and Sectioned

2/4/2017, 6:30 AM – Trimmed an 8 lb. pork shoulder as instructed here to expose the money muscle, the horn, and the middle section but separated the three pieces to be able to pull the money muscle at 160. Rubbed in Jeff’s Original Rub fairly heavy to those plus the three small pieces for tasso.

Note that Jeff’s Original Rub was modified by the inclusion of 1.5T black and 1T of white pepper instead of 2.5T of black. Also used 2T granulated garlic in lieu of 1.5T of powdered garlic.

Surprising Shrinkage

9:20 – Put the three pieces into the MES that has come up to 263. Also put in three small pieces for tasso that had the the modified version of Jeff’s rub and, before putting on the grate, added a heavy layer of cayenne. Also inserted the Amazan tray loaded with Pit Masters Choice. Ambient temp is 50. After door opened 3 times–to get everything in the box–temp went down to 193.

10:15 – MES is up to 243 and air probe under grate above meat is at 247.

11:10 – MES is at 240 and air probe under grate above meat is at 243. Lowered MES set point to 225.

Money Muscle sitting on other clods

1:30 – Pulled money muscle as IT is 154. Wrapped in foil. Also pulled tasso and tried small piece. After maybe 30 seconds the heat of the cayenne creped up and began to make itself known. IT of the point, still in the smoker, is 152.

2:00 – Wrapped flat and point in one layer of the new pink butcher paper that arrived this week.

3:00 – IT is still 154 in the paper wrap.

~4:00 – Found MES off as extension cord had come unplugged at work bench. IT has gone down to 149. Pulled and unwrapped from paper and put into foil and into oven set at 300 convection bake. inserted Thermoworks with alarm set at 195. Pulled it when the alarm sounded ~7pm.

Conclusion – The sugar in Jeff’s rub was likely why we did not like it as much as his Texas Rub. The extra bark from so many exposed surfaces was nice. Overall it was a successful cook but the meat was not as moist as when cooked whole with all the fat rendering.

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