Pork Shoulder Roast Smoked

10/8/2017 – Sunday after Hurricane Nate went into Biloxi. We are still in Houston. This cook turned out good and had a few new tricks such as using Stubbs and creole seasoning with ACV.

Ambient temp is in the high 80s and humidity is 67%.

8:15 AM – Had trimmed and diamond-scored the thin fat cap of a 9.5 lb. fresh butt. Then sprinkled Stubbs Hot Pork Rub on it an hour before it went into the MES set at 250. MES had coasted up to 261 and the Amazen tray was smoking with pecan pellets. Butt was bought at HEB yesterday on sale for $1.79; regularly $1.99/lb.

Kept MES set at 250 and the grate temp has been 235-245.

1:30 PM – IT is 150 and tray has burned out. Pulled, wrapped in foil and poured in maybe a 1/2 cup of ACV into the foil “bowl”. Also shook on some Kohl’s Creole Seasoning on top. Put into the oven set at 350. Setup ChefWorks to alarm at 205.

~6:00 PM – Mary checked the meat when the IT was at 200 and a table knife inserted in most places felt smooth and effortless entry. Left in the turned off oven that was still warm but most of the heat had escaped when the door was opened twice.

It had a great bark and was tender. If it was to be pulled it could have cooked a bit more.

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