Pork Shoulder Smoked with Creole Seasoning

8/13/2017 – Ran out of Stubbs Hot Pork Rub so used a store bought cajun seasoning with additional course cracked black pepper. Smoked in the MES with mixture of Trafalger Hickory and _____. This smoke turned out great.

7:00 – MES was preheated and now back up to temp after loading the butt and a rack of baby back ribs. Grate temp ran about 240 with MES set at 240. Very thin smoke from the Amazen tray.

2:00 PM Temp has been steady and IT is at 144-8 for last hour. Pulled, wrapped and put into convection over set at 300. IT in new probe location reads 155.

4:30 Thermoworks alarm set at 200 went off. Let it rest in the oven with the door open for a while. Pulled and drained off aujus and Mary made a finishing sauce with about 1/5 part of ACV and some the little dab of Stubbs Rub we had.

Great flavor and nicely colored. Had it for dinner and it was different than past butts as the bark seemed to be more flavorful.

8/19/2017 – Left overs this past week and today, Saturday for lunch, were also more flavorful. We will try the Cajun seasoning again only use our version of Whol’s Creole seasoning. Might add some coarse black pepper like I did here.med

9/18/2017 – Warmed at the farm in the.steamer Mary said it was the best ever.

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