Pork Spare Ribs

11/19/2016, Saturday

Trimmed loose pieces off to smoke for seasoning and rubbed all with Stubb’s hot pork rub three hours before the cook. First cool day of fall with Ambient temp at 165 and low humidity due to cold front late yesterday.

1:30 PM – Heated the MES up to 240 (set at 260) and put in the meat bones up on third grate from the top with Trafalger hickory pellets in the Amazn tray.  Chefworks air probe is clipped on the grate between meat and glass door on left side.

2:00 – MES back up to 245 and rising. Air probe is at 205. Good stream of TBS.

2:15 – MES has coasted up to 274 and air probe is at 223.

3:00 – MES is 265 and air probe is 226.

4:30 – Smoke has burned out (1.5 rows) so pulled, wrapped and put into convection bake oven set at 350. Before wrapping flipped it over to meat side up, noted meat is dry, poured and painted in Senate BBQ sauce.

6:30 – Bend test failed as it fell apart. Very tasty and very moist. The sauce had cooked in and was very light; i.e. only a slight BBQ sauce flavor.

Conclusion:  Need to set MES to reach proper temp on cooking grate. Two hours at 350 wrapped was too much. Three hours smoke at 225 grate temp plus an hour in the convection oven at 350 would have been about right.

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