Pork Spare Ribs Smoked

1/28/2017, 6:30 AM – Had thawed a 7.83 lb. slab of ribs. Removed silver skin and trimmed off fat. Seasoned with Jeff’s Texas Rub made with granulated garlic and put back into the refer under plastic. They turned out great.

1:00 pm – Put AMNPS into MES with CookinPellets.com’s Perfect Mix. Put in ribs on 2nd grate from the top with MES set at 220. Ambient Temp is 58 with a gentle breeze.

2:00 – Air probe clipped on rack support just above the meat is at 183 so raised MES set point to 250.

4:30 – MES says 258 and air probe says 237.

5:30 – Moved them into the convection oven set at 300.

6:30 – Pulled from oven and ate dinner.

Results/Next Time – Jeff’s rub was good. Maybe add more peppers to kick it up. Mary liked it A LOT.


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