Pork Tenderloin Jerk Smoked


This was our first smoked jerk seasoned pork and it turned out good. Even though it cooked to 265 it was tender when sliced thin and did not dry out that much. Definitely will try it again with the jerk seasoning. Also went great with the Carribean Cole Slaw.

4/14/2018 – Thawed 1/2 of a large pork loin and cut long ways in half to have the right size for sliders and to have more contact area for the seasoning. Seasoned with pre-made Jerk seasoning from HEB. Let marinate in the refer from 11:30 AM until about 3:30 PM.

Made Carribean style coleslaw to serve on sliders with the pork.

3:30 – MES preheated set to 250 with pecan pellets. The loins shared the MES with the chicken thighs also prepared this date.



5:30 – IT is 133

6:30 IT was 165 and overcooked. Meant to pull them at 145. Chefworks had not alarmed as it was not reading correctly for some reason.

The next day we sampled them and they were not as overdone as I was afraid. Especially when sliced thin with the new slicer they slices pulled apart and were easy to chew. The jerk seasoning is a bit spicy and very flavorful. Next time we will make our own Jerk Seasoning and maybe only cook it to 250-255.

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