Poultry Seasoning, Creole Style

This has been our go-to poultry seasoning since 2019 that evolved from the initial one in 2017 which was based on a recipe by Kit Whol.

11/1/2019 – The recipe below is based on the previous one in 2017 except it has 4X the weight of each spice plus 50% more of rosemary, sage, bay leaf, and thyme. We liked it but wanted a stronger statement of the traditional poultry seasoning flavors.


  • the rosemary, sage, bay leaf, and thyme a lot more traditional poultry seasoning than Kit called for in the recipe that was our original inspiration.
  • the bay rosemary, sage, and thyme used here was ground. Her recipe calls for it to be dried–hence leafs that is how we had made it up to this batch.
  • Insofar as volume goes, this one is 24X the amount of Kit’s recipe including our changes.
  • The salt in the original recipe seems like a lot and for this enlarged amount would be about 2C. As that seemed excessive this batch only put in 75% or 488-122=366 gms.* We also found dishes that included dry-brained meat a bit too salty so this reduction corrected that.
  • This recipe filled a 24 oz. in a quart jar and the 8 oz. SS shaker. So, it made about 40 oz.
  • The spreadsheet that did the volume increase calc’s is in DropBox/Cooking.
kosher salt*366
paprika, smoked Spanish60
onion powder28
garlic powder28
black pepper, freshly ground36
white pepper, freshly ground28
cayenne pepper28
oregano, greek dried8
bay leaves, ground18
rosemary, ground48
sage, ground36
thyme, ground18

12/14/2020 – We liked the above mix so made another batch. It made a quart plus refilled the SS shaker can.

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