Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

8/22/2021 – We have a collection of various peppers that include Anaheim G76, Peppercinies, red Serranos, and maybe a Grand Marcino with about half being picked this morning. The pickled peppers and garlic turned out great.

Chopped them into about 3/4 inch lengths and packed them into a quart and a pint canning jar. Included some black peppercorns and about 6 garlic cloves in the large jar and 4 in the quart jar. There was a little space in the pint and a 2″ long okra pod on the counter so Mary stuffed it in.

Boiled a quart of 5% vinegar with three 2-inch long pieces of bay leaf. Preheated the jars with lids and peppers under hot running tap water. Poured in the boiling seasoned vinegar, slide the bay leaves down beside the glass, and put a ring and lid on the pint and a plastic lid on the quart.

Will keep these in the refrigerator as they were not prepared with a boiling water bath.

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