‘Rotisserie’ Chicken for Olivia

During Piper and Olivia’s Spring Break 2019 visit we roasted 10 lbs. of legs and thighs to have during the week. Olivia always wants HER chicken, i.e. rotisserie chicken from HEB. This turned out very much like the store-bought in out opinion and Olivia did not hesitate to eat it or comment that it was not the same.

To recreate that flavor profile I went to the internet to see what spices are used. Many recipes are out there and vary widely. Two looked liked a good rub would be had if I combined them to create an herb-based rub. But, that looked a lot like Baby Bam so I went looking for our Baby Bam stash. I did not find it before I found the Creole Style Poultry Seasoning and realized it has rosemary in it. Given the pepper level was mild in it, it might work–and it did.

  1. Cleaned the leg quarters and cut apart the leg and thigh.
  2. Dry brined them and returned to the refer in a large SS bowl for about 2 hours.
  3. Spread on a baking sheet and moderately shook on the Creole Style Poultry Seasoning. Returned to the SS Bowl and the Refer for about 2 hours.
  4. Placed the pieces on wire grids in two roasting pans after spraying with PAM. Roasted at 400 until the ChefWorks–with the probe inserted in a large thigh in the center of the pan–alarmed at 165.

If there was any reason to want to tweak this, it would be to add a little more ground rosemary to heighten that flavor.

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