Salmon on the Grill ToTry

By DirtSailor at SMF – “One of my favorite ways to do salmon is whole. When I was fishing for a living I always got the just legal keepers while my customers got all the hogs. Which isn’t a bad thing because I really think those smaller fish are the best. I have a method of filleting the fish that removes the bones, but leaves the two fillets attached by the back skin. As a disclaimer this cook could be done with a whole gilled and gutted fish or,just fillets or steaks too.”

“Lay the fish skin side down on a good sized chunk of foil. Big enough to wrap the fish in. Season the fish with fresh dill, tarragon, CBP, garlic, very thin lemon slices. On one side add pre-cooked bay shrimp and Dungeness crab meat. Lay pats of butter on top of shrimp and crab. Top that with more lemon, tarragon, and dill. Capers are also another good option too add. Place second fillet on top skin side up (meat touching all the stuffing). Wrap fish tightly in the foil. Before closing all the way add a 1/4 of white wine, not cooking wine, something you like drinking.”

Place on the grill. Timing is a bit tricky do to varying cooking temps but figure 10-15 minutes per side. You need to flip the packet once.

When unfoiling save the drippings. Use as is as a simple pan sauce or use to make a white sauce.

“One of my favorite ways to eat salmon, and I ate a lot of it when I was fishing and we had the seasons.”

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