Sauerkraut – 3rd time

This ferment turned out good and we used no spices-just cabbage.

6/17/2017 – Bought a 1/2 gallon Picklemeister fermentation chamber and one head of cabbage at the Farmers Market. Cut the head in half and removed the core. Sliced thin with the large chef’s knife. The shredded cabbage weighted 12__ gms. Added handfuls to a large plastic bowl and with each layer sprinkled on part of 16 gms of pickling salt.

Mixed in well with my hands them added it in layers to the heavy straight wall aluminum pot and beat each layer down with the hand sledged wrapped in aluminum foil and inside a 1-gallon freezer grade ZipLock.

Mixed the compressed salted shreds up and pounded down at least six times. Let it sit for maybe 30 minutes and the shreds look moist.

Put handfuls into the Picklemeister when about 3/4th full pounded it down and continued layers and pounding until it is all in. There was only a little water remaining in the pot and so poured that in.

Next morning – Still little liquid so mixed filtered water and pickling salt in a 1.2% solution and filled the jar up to the threads.

Results – Salt content was just right. Moved it to a quart jar and into the refer after about 4 weeks. Have had it with lunches and hot dogs. On Aug 24, over two months since starting and the day after Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, we took the last of it to have at Kelley’s with hot dogs. She kept the last of it.

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