Sauerkraut Cortido Style

Inspired by this page that said, “Cortido is similar to sauerkraut in that it is a lacto-fermented cabbage but it is spiced up with flavors from Latin America.” We did not like the flavors and would not make it like this again. But, we did change the recipe by kicking up the heat but it still was bland and off-taste.

We measured the amount of oregano based on the volume required by the recipe for a “large head” of cabbage. We put in 4X (1T) the amount of red pepper flakes called for and then weighted them. The weights of those two ingredients shown below are those values rounded up to the next tenth.

For Cordito 2/5/19grams
Carrot - 10% of cabbage175.7
Onion ~12% of total263
Garlic ~0.3% of total7
Dried Oregano ~0.15% of total 3
Red Pepper Flakes ~2% of total2
1.6% salt35.3232
1.7% salt37.5309
1.8% salt39.7386
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