Sauerkraut test for Mary

6/7/2018 – As Mary has faithfully begun eating the last Kraut I made I must make a large batch to ferment while we are on one of our last trips to Mobile before moving there. The recipe is:

2 white cabbages from Hong Kong Market that weighted 6.02 lbs. Discarded the outer leaves and used everything else. Forgot to weight the SS bowl so decided to base salt etal on 6 lbs. or 2,721 gm that was a little less than the store weight.

6 gm caraway seed – 0.2%
15 gm yellow mustard – 0.5%
25 juniper berries that weighted 2 gm – 0.07%
38.7 gm canning salt or 1.4%

Ground the seeds in the coffee grinder to avoid the medical problem of diverticulitis.

7/3/2018 – We have enjoyed this ferment for the past weeks and today divided what was left in the 1/2 gallon jar into a full quart jar (that went into the refer) and a partial quart jar and both went into the refer. When the last is done of those jars I want to compare it to that 2nd 1/2 gallon.

8/12/2018 – This was a good recipe that we have enjoyed almost daily.

8/19/2018 – Made a second batch to have enough to last through the move and until a new batch has fermented in late September.  The large cabbage from Hong Kong Market, when the outer leaves were removed, weighted 1797 gm. So, weights of the spices and salt were in the table below created in Excel with the file in DropBox/Cooking.

Cabbage 1797
0.2% caraway seed = 3.6
0.5% yellow mustard = 9.0
0.7% juniper berries = 1.3
1.4% canning salt = 25.158
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