Sauerkraut w/o Juniper Berries

3/10/2018- Bought a Chinese cabbage at Hong Kong Market that when cleaned and chopped weighted 1890 gm. Mixed in 1.4% salt or 27 gms. Ground and mixed in 6 gm of caraway seed and 15 gm of yellow mustard seed.

About 4 hours later it had made little brine so mixed 1/4% salt water. Packed the seasoned cabbage into a 1/2 gallon and a 1-quart mason jars. Poured in enough of the salt water to cover and put the brining glass weight. Capped both with the brining lid and put into the guest bathroom to ferment while we are at the farm. We leave tomorrow with the new camper trailer and the truck loaded with the LAN shelves and the usual stuff.

This time used only yellow mustard seeds to avoid the dark tint in the last batch. Decided to leave out the juniper berries as they do not seem to add anything and they are a bother to fish out when eating.

3/18/2018 – Tasted it at 8 days old and it is fine but missing a flavor. The mustard is there and it is crunchy but …

3/25/2018 – I have sampled it over the week since the 18th and the additional fermenting is helping but there is still something missing. I guess the missing flavor is the juniper berries.

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