Sauerkraut with Carrot and Jalapeno

1/12/2019 – As today’s first tasting of the last batch–made with carrot and 1.8% salt–was good, and we have four heads of cabbage, this was made with the same percentages plus about 1.5% diced jalapeno. The seeds and pith from the pepper were not included.

grams w/ carrot
Cabbage 1237.0 123.7
0.2% caraway seed = 2.5 2.7
0.5% yellow mustard = 6.2 6.8
1.8% salt 22.3 24.5
10% Carrot-diced 123.7
Jalapeno @~1.5% 18.6 No seeds or pith

2/4/2019 – Mary and I both found it crunchier than past ferments and nicely so. The jalapenos were not noticeable although it has an overall nice flavor tone. This recipe is going in a good direction. The higher salt percentage is good.

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