Sauerkraut with Garlic and Celery Seed

3/24/2019 – Made this first-time garlic kraut somewhat following this recipe. on 4/7/2019 tried it for the first time. It had a strong garlic smell and a bit of garlic taste. Overall it is good.

The ingredients were per the table below that shows the actual weights of the ingredients used. All units below are in grams unless shown as a percentage. The percentages were calculated from the weighted volumes.

Cabbage – 1 avg head1365.098.27%
Garlic – 4 large cloves=17 gm17.01.22%
Celery Seed – 1 Tbs = 7 gm7.00.50%
1.7% Salt23.6

The recipe this followed also added 1/2 Tbs ground black pepper and 1 Tbs cumin seeds for a head of cabbage. That did not sound like we would like it. Maybe another day.

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