Sauerkraut with Our K-Y Cabbage

11/27/2020 – Jeff suggested we grow Taiwanese Cabbage and research about that cabbage turned up that here it is called K-Y cabbage. So, we grew some and now have three heads. Two went into sauerkraut and one into coleslaw. Based on the amounts computed using our Sauerkraut Calculator we prepared the following.

Caraway Seed – 2gm /1000 gm cabbage3.5
Juniper berries – 2 gm per 1000 gm cabbage3.5
Mustard Seed – 6 gm per 1000 gm of cabbage10.4
Salt – 1.6% of the cabbage27.8
Projected 1/2 gallon jars at 1600 gm per jar1.2
Actually made – 1/2 gallon mason jars1.4
That equates to 1200 gms per jar
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