Saurkraut Dill No. 6

We liked the No. 5 so remade it–again without the garlic. This was with two heads of cabbage that, based on past work, I expected to fill two 1/2 gallon jars. We let it sit with the salt and seasoning for about 2 hours and beat it down with the meat mallet several times. Surprisingly, it fit into a 1/2-gallon and a quart jar.

We were also surprised that for the first time ever, after sitting in the salt and seasoning and being pounded, it made enough brine to fill the jars. We did not need to make up some to top it off as we have always had to do.

Dried dill at 1 gm per 400 gm cabbage4.3
1.7% salt29.4
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp per 900 gms cabbage. Mary squeezed 3 small lemons that made 1/4-cup of juice.3.8
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