Seasoned Breadcrumbs Homemade ToTry

Using bread that is getting stake leave it out on the counter for a day or two to get hard.


2 tablespoons Simon & Garfunkel Spice Blend & Baste or NEW: All-Purpose Italian Spice Blend  Try Creole Seasoning.

1 cup freshly grated breadcrumbs

Do this

1) Take the dried bread and break it into golfball size chunks. Whenever I do this in the kitchen I get yelled at for making the floor crunchy, so now I do this outdoors where the birds can benefit from my clumsiness. One cold day I put the hard bread in a paper bag and smashed it with a rolling pin. This is a very effective technique. The big chunks then go into the blender or food processor and are pulsed until they are about the size of kosher salt.

2) Run the crumbs through a colander, not a strainer, into a bowl so large bits are left behind. Pulse the left behinds. Now measure out 1 cup quantities and store them in zipper bags in the freezer. They stay fresh longer in the cold, and then you can season each bag however you like.

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