Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped & Smoked

12/30/2021 – This is the first smoke with the Rectec of shrimp. Shelled, deveined, and seasoned with Creole Seasoning one lb of 16-20 shrimp. Wrapped most in Zeigler bacon and smoked them. Turned out very good and we learned a few things.

  1. Partially fried the bacon in a skillet until the meat part was becoming firm. A few pieces were too done and did not wrapped tightly.
  2. Cut the strips in half and wrapped the shrimp. The strip went around once on the larger ones and the tag ends hung out.
  3. Put them on a wire rack on a sheet pan that had been sprayed with Pam.
  4. Preheated the Rectec to 180°, Extreme Smoke.
  5. 5:30 PM – Out the sheet pan with shrimp into the smoker.
  6. 5:55 – raised the smoker to 400°.
  7. 6:10 – Smoker is at 400°.
  8. 6:50 – Bacon is done with little visible white fat.

Next Time

  • Use larger shrimp and may need toothpicks but the loose ends smoked was nice.
  • Serve with a hot bacon/garlic/pepper flakes for dipping
  • Could try with 45 minutes of Extreme Smoke
  • Could stuff larger shrimp with jalapenos and/or creme cheese with a full strip of bacon
  • Try pre-smoking bacon instead of frying.
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