Shrimp Boil Seasonings ToTry

Zatarain’s Copy Cat. Add 2-3 lemons, quartered, to the water. This is enough for 5 lbs shrimp or a dozen blue crabs.

Ingredients – Makes 1 cup

8 Bay leaves
2 tbsp Allspice, whole
1 tsp Cloves, whole
3 tbsp Coriander seeds
2 tbsp Dill seeds
4 tbsp Mustard seeds
1 tbsp Red pepper flakes

Below is from the OldGringo in Arizona here. I made the conversion to volumes and weights.

Parts1T = 1 part grams for 1-part volumes2T = 1 part
dried bay leaves in small pieces22T1/4C
cayenne pepper22T1/4C
celery seeds41/4C1/2C
coriander seeds*11T2T
brown mustard seeds81/2C1 C
whole black peppercorns22T1/4C
whole allspice berries11T2T
whole clove buds11T2T
crushed red pepper flakes22T1/4C
thyme leaves22T1/4C
* As we do not care much for coriander, this is 1/4th of his recipe.

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