Shrimp Remoulade ToTry

From Foamheart at SMF. He lives in south Louisiana on the Mississippi.

1C Good Ketchup (I used Hunts)
2T Creole Mustard
2T Mayo (the real stuff)
2T Minced sweet gerkins (Good ones, I used my canned ones)
2 Raw eggs beaten well
2 dashes Tabasco (or your personal prefrence, we all have one)
2 t Lea & Perins
1 ice cold mixing bowl

The above is the dressing, the remoulade sauce. Mix it and rechill. This salad is all about really really cold! Chilled plates, chilled shredded lettuce, cold boiled eggs, and cold boiled shrimp!

Make sure and chill the plate. I wedge those cold boiled eggs. The shrimp are boiled first in crawfish boil (its all crawfish boil to me), peeled and chilled. I use river shrimps very small white very sweet shrimp but those frozen salad shrimp work as well, and the fancy resturants may well use a couple a jumbos instead.

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