Small Roast & Veggie Tray on the Recteq #2

8/3/2022 – This smoke is the second small beef roast on the Recteq based on the first one here. Dry brined a 2 lb. roast 2 days earlier and seasoned well with fresh coarse ground black pepper and a light dusting of 6pogs on both sides. Preheated Recteq to 260°.

While that was getting underway, Mary cut up the following and drizzled it with pecan oil and thyme. mixed it with her hands. The full tray smoked with the meat as outlined below.

  1. 1:45 PM – Put it on the smoker at 260°. Probe read the IT was 55 as we had let it sit out for maybe an hour.
  2. 2:35 PM – Added vegetable tray.
  3. 4:00 PM – Roast’s IT was 148 and when sliced open it was still a little pink. Pulled and wrapped in foil to rest on the counter. Stirred the veggie tray. They are close to being done.
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