Small Roast on the Recteq

3/31/2022 – Today bought about a 2 lb. chuck roast at So. Ala. Custom Meats. Salted it to dry brine for a few minutes, added our fresh ground black pepper, and Meat Church’s Garlic & Herb rub.

  1. 3:20 PM – Put it on the Recteq set to Extreme Smoke.
  2. 4:00 – Turned up the temp to 260°.
  3. 5:00 – Turned up the temp to 350° and installed a probe that showed the IT to be 130°.
  4. 5:30 – IT is too high at 186° so pulled and wrapped in aluminum foil to rest for about 30 minutes.

It had good color and was moist. There was some red color to the internal portions despite the high IT. It had a good flavor that should be good as leftovers.

Next Time:

  • Dry brine the day before.
  • Leave the temp set at 260.
  • Watch it closer or set the alarm in the phone app.
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