Smoked 2 butts, tasso and jalapeno sausage

9/17/2019 – Smoked in the vertical smoker from splits of our pecan firewood that was started burning in the fire pit.

  • Two pork butts with fat trimmed and separated into 4 pieces. All were salted and rubbed with 6POGS about an hour before smoking.
  • Two fresh jalapeno sausages from Rouses.
  • A dozen or so pork pieces seasoned heavily with 6POGS.

10:30 AM – The butts were put into the smoker after we had: tended the garden by watering the winter squash, okra, and peppers plus picking the usual 15-20 okra pods; and, put Mary’s new saddle on Ranger with a cross-fire style cinch as recommended by the Handy Horseman. Mary’s best ride yet and the first time to ride him in the yard. He even left us a pile in the front yard.

1:00 PM – The sausages and pork pieces were put into the smoker. It has been running 220? to 275 ? fairly consistently. I have to add a smoldering pecan split log about every 30 minutes.

4:00 – Pulled the four pieces, wrapped in foil after shaking on more 6POGS and a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of ACV in each. They ranged from 145 to 165?. Put into the convection oven at 300?.

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