Smoked Butt with HOT 3POGS

This was one of the best butt’s todate. The very kicked-up 3Pogs—with 3x the cayenne–made a bark that was a nice smokey pepper based with a lot of depth. Also very moist despite the 11.5-hour cook.

2/4/2017 – The afternoon before rubbed on a heavy layer of my 3POGS Blend 4 with the 3X level of cayenne. This morning sliced off four 1/4″ thick “steaks” and seasoned all sides with the hot 3POGS to smoke for Tasso.

6:30 – Put the Butt on the third rack down and Tasso on the top rack on a mat in the MES that had preheated with the MES set to 250°. Smoke is from a 1/2 blend of Lumberjack Pecan pellets and ChefMaster Blend as still trying to burn up the ChefMaster.

9:30 – Grate temp has been running in the 230-240s. Pulled the tasso as it has been 3 hours.

10:30 – Butt’s IT is 127 with the MES grate temp in the 240s.

2:30 – MES has been steady state in the high 240s to 250 as it is set at 250. IT of the butt is 160 so pulled, wrapped and into the oven set to 300.

5:00 – IT is only 190s so set the oven up to 350.

6:00 – Mary is sick and hungry so pulled it with IT only 198. Very good as it is tender and the high heat rub toned way down given the almost 12 hour cook.

2/5/2918 – Mary warmed some in the steamer for dinner and it was great. The bark was a nice smokey pepper based rub with a lot of depth.

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