Smoked Butts and Tasso

9/6/2020 – This was a successful smoke using the MES and two Butts with a lot of tasso from trimmings.

Bought a 2-pack of Boston butts yesterday and trimmed the fat and lose pieces. Cut them in half along the mussel and trimmed the silver skin. Cut the pieces and thin parts into small pieces with some ¼” thick to some about the size of Country style ribs only 3-4″ long. Salted with non-iodine salt and let dry-brine overnight.

This morning, shook on a heavy rub of 6POGS. Got the MES, going set to 250° with oak pellets and preheated.

8:15 AM – Meat is in the hot MES with the tasso on a grid on the top rack and the other four pieces on the next two racks down. Added the smoking pellets about 9 AM as forgot to put them in initially.

11:30 – Pulled the smallest tasso pieces. They are very moist but not dried out. The pellet tray is burning well with a thin blue smoke barely visible wafting from the vent.

1:30 PM Pulled the larger tasso pieces. They are moist and tender but not falling apart. Good flavor without being too hot.

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