Smoked Chicken in New RecTec

11/4/2021 – The RecTec RT-700 wood pellet grill arrived yesterday. Today we smoked chicken thighs and legs with the Ultimate Blend all-natural food-grade Red Oak, White Oak, and Hickory hardwood pellets that came with the smoker. The chicken was part of a 10 lb. bag that we had cleaned up a few days ago and dry brined. They have been waiting for this smoke so had a long time for the salt to work.

Set the PID to 375° and let it come to temperature. The ambient temperature was 60°.

  1. 10:15 – Placed the meat on the righthand half of the grate. Insert both probes into the two largest thighs. Closed the lid.
  2. 11:55 – Probe A was at 173° in the smaller thigh near the center of the grate. Probe B was at 166° in the back righmost position. Pulled them to rest about 15 minutes.

The thighs and the leg were very moist and had a light smoke flavor.

Next Time – Try the Extreme Smoke setting for the first 30-45 minutes then turn it up to 325°.

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