Smoked Chicken Thighs & Legs with Frank’s RedHot Sauce

This was an interesting experiment as it is our second smoke with a longer marinate in Frank’s ReHot Sauce and a 24-hour dry brine. It is worth trying again. Not as good as the first time we tried it but it was ok–just not as moist. Should have cut the thighs into 1/3’s as we did then to give more exposure to the marinade.

5/12/2018 – Bought a bag of legs and thighs at HEB. Trimmed fat and loose skin and separated the legs from the thighs.

3:30 PM – Liberally shooked on Kosher Salt. Put into the refer to dry brine.

6:00 PM – Drizzled on Franks RedHot Sauce and mixed into the pieces with my hands. Covered the pieces that were in plastic bowls with plastic food wrap plastic and put in the refer for tomorrow.

5/13/2018 – Mother’s Day after lunch with Kelley and the girls at 11 Below brewery.

3:45 – Inserted chicken into the preheated MES to 250 – after coasting up to 270. Added the Amazen tray with the outside slots both burning with a combination of pecan and Chef Masters Blend pellets. Both slots were lite and smoking to add enough smoke as the cook will not take long. After a long time with door open to load all the chicken pieces on the two top grates and then the Amazen the MES dropped to 200.

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