Smoked Hard Boiled Eggs and White Potatoes

May 5, 2016

Ambient temp is about 75° and humidity is 28%.

Boiled a dozen Large eggs and shelled. Cut three medium white potatoes in half and rubbed with EVOO.

Put potatoes near back wall and eggs in front of them into MES on a mat on the second rack from the top. MES set at 250° with grate temp actually in the high 230°s based on ChefAlarm with air probe on the grate above in the center within 3″ of the side opposite the coil.

Smoke was generated by the AMZNTS with a mix of ChefMasters pellets and apple wood chips. First time trying the chips in the AMZNTS and it burned well. Steady thin smoke, likely white as I could not tell.

Removed eggs after 1 hour and they had a good smokey color but the outer surface was a bit rubbery after about 10 minutes Smokey color did not penetrate into the white hardly any. Potatoes were not done so set timer at 1 hour and raised temp to 275°. SHOULD HAVE COLD SMOKED.

Potatoes were still not near done so moved them to convection over set at 350. One hour later the smaller ones were done and the larger ones were close.

Conclusion – This was a screwed up smoke as the eggs should have been cold smoked and I never let the potatoes get done.

Could have sliced in half and set MES to lowest for 30-45 minutes.



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