Smoked Jalapenos for Mother’s Day

5/13/2017 – These turned out well with Kelley and Mary saying they are very good. The bacon was crunchy but not brittle. The cheese melted but was not runny. The peppers were cooked to the point they were not too caliente but still had body.

Sliced jalapenos in half and removed seed and pith. Sliced into thin strips my homemade and vac packed tasso. Laid the pieces into the pepper halves. Grated my smoked mozzarella cheese and wrapped in applewood smoked bacon (store bought). Added on the top my homemade Creole Seasoning using the recipe at

2:30 PM – Put into hot MES after Shoulder Roast and Beans were removed and added a few Lumber Jack pecan pellets on top of the row that is smoking. The peppers were spread out on three grates on cooking grids that had been sprayed with Pam. They were on the top three grates. Set MES to 270 with the pecan pellets smoking in the AMAZEN tray.

3:30 – Grate temp is 270 and the bacon is looking about done.

3:40 – Pulled and left open to cool. Put into plastic lunch containers and into refer.

6:30 – Served them in the containers cold. They were great.

NOTE – The next day we smoked 2 racks of BB ribs on Mothers Day and I put the SHP Rub on the two inside flaps that were sliced off. Added them to the grate and smoked for 1.5 hours. Mary made more peppers using that meat and for this batch she grated my smoked pepper jack cheese. We could not tell the difference in the cheeses. All else was the same.

NEXT TIME – Grate the cheese fine and add creole or cajun seasoning to the cheese before stuffing. Could also chop some smoked butt instead of tasso.

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