Smoked Pork Butt w/ 5POGS & 2x Smoke

5/12/2018, Sunday – Bought a fresh ~8 lb. Smithfield pork butt at HEB for $1.49/lb. No trimming was needed as the fat cap with thin and not even there in places. About 6 PM scored the thin fat cap into diamonds and sprinkled on a liberal dose of kosher salt on all sides to dry brine until Monday. Also sprinkled evenly 5POGS.

5/15/2018, Tuesday – Forgot to put it in the MES this morning so inserted it into the preheated MES set at 250 and ready at 12:15 PM. Also inserted the Amazen tray with w blend of mostly pecan pellets and some ChefMasters blend that I still have too much of. Loaded the tray with the outside channels full and a little around into the center that was mostly empty, Lite both sides and when closed the door and it had started drafting the plume was still thin.

5:15 PM – Pulled it from the MES as smoke is over. IT was only 140–surprising after 5 hours. Wrapped it in foil with ACV and a liberal dusting of Kim’s Creole Seasoning. put it into the convection oven preheated to 300.

6:30 – IT is now 175. It is past the stall.

~7:30 PM – Chefworks alarm set at 200 sounded. Pulled back the foil and check the meat. Still hard to pull apart so rewrapped, reinserted probe and closed the door. Noted the IT is now only 194. Moved the probe and got 193. The oven is set to 325.

~8:00 PM – Rocky came to get the girls (Kelley is in San Diago on IT business) and carried on so about the great BBQ smell that I cut off on end for him. It cut easily and was clearly falling apart.

~9:00 PM – Chefworks alarm set at 200 sounded. Pulled back the foil and checked the meat. A fork stuck in and twisted, easily separated the meat fibers. Moved it to a wire rack to cool wrapped in the foil. Put it into the refer about 10 PM.

Note this cook did not start until noon. The overall time of 8 hours was ok.

5/16/2018 – Opened up the wrapped meat and tasted the outer edges with the bark. Good flavor but not great and not hot at all. The bark did appear darker likely due to two slots burning in the Amazen for 5 hours. Also notable that there was little congealed fat in the foil wrap and a normal amount in the aluminum pan below meat in the smoker.

Next Time – Top dress the meat with 5POGS AFTER finishing in the oven and before the rest.



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