Smoked Pork Butt with Creole Seasoning

1/21/2018, Sunday – Smoked a fresh 8.5 lb. Smithfield butt that did not need any fat trimmed. Scored the thin fat cap and rubbed with a fairly heavy layer of Kit’s Creole Seasoning. This was the third Butt rubbed with Kit’s Creole Seasoning before smoking and before wrapping. Again, the bark was great and the meat well seasoned.

After an hour in the smoker

8:15 AM – Put it into the MES. Rubbed it maybe 30 minutes before putting it into the MES set to 250 and had preheated coasting up to 260. Mixed two slots of pecan pellets with one slot of ChefMasters blend pellets. and dried out in the microwave using the typical 2 minutes run time twice.

~10:00 – Raised MES setting to 160.

12:45 PM – Inserted the internal probe and it reads 160.

3:30 – IT is 176 and pellets are near gone. Pulled, added more creole seasoning all around, and poured in maybe a full cup of ACV in the foil. Put it into the convection oven set at 300.

Ready to wrap with more Creole Seasoning and ACV

5:30 – IT was at 199 and Mary wanted to eat. Turned off the oven and let it sit with the door open for about 30 minutes. When unwrapped there was some juice and we poured it off. A lttle more than a cup but not much.

Conclusion – The bark was great with good flavor and firmness. The meat was tender but not falling apart although you did not need a sharp knife. Could try adding more cayenne and black pepper with the seasoning mix before the wrap.


Done after 9 hours

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