Smoked Pork Shoulder & 5POGS

4/7/2018 – Smoked a 7.25 lb butt after scoring thin fat cap and rubbing a lot of 5POGS on all sides. Then shook on Kit’s Creole Seasoning and ~1/4 C ACV when wrapped and finished in the oven. This was one of the best seasoned butts I have made.

6 AM – shook on and rubbed in with a large spoon a solid coating of 5POGS.

7:45 – MES is preheated to 250. Put butt on 2nd rack from the bottom with smoke from a blend of pecan and ChefMaster Blend in the Amazen tray. Rub was applied about 6:00 AM.

1:30 PM – Temp, per MES thermo, has ranged from 235 to 270 with steady smoke but smoke has almost stopped. Pulled, shook on Kim”s creole seasoning, wrapped and put into convection over at 300. Inserted Chefworks probe and it is 145.

~3:45 – Alarm sounded at 198 so turned off the oven, opened the door to let some of heat out. Closed the door to let it rest.


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