Smoked Pork Steaks and Chunk with mustard/sriracha

This smoke was with a cut-up butt and turned out good.

Cut previously frozen 8.3 lb. Pork Shoulder into 3 1-1/4″ steaks and two chunks that were the end without a bone and the end with the bone. Slathered with a mustard marinade concoction of: 1/4 C yellow mustard, 2 T Sriracha; 1 T apple cider vinegar; 1 T Worchestershire sauce.  Then sprinkled Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub and poured on the last of the mustard marinade. All before 6 AM and then back in the refer.

1:00 pm – Put them in the MES preheated to 225°. Packed mesquite sawdust in the AMAZN tray. Lite the sawdust but it would not burn well. got it smoking a little and put the tray in the MES. It went out even though I had air flow. Re-lite several times and finally pulled it at 2:45–been trying for 1:45 minutes–and put the tube half filled with PM pellets. Good smoke. Had sat the tray on the driveway and it was barely smoking. Pulled the burning bit back from the unburned to save some and the burning pile took off smoking. Maybe it was packed too much and was not getting air into the fire.

4:00 pm – Inserted the probe for the Chefworks and the IT in the chunks and thick steaks was around 135. Set the MES up to 250°. Door was opened longer than would have liked moving the IT probe around.

6:30 – Removed thinner 1″ steaks and wrapped in foil with IT of 165-170°.

7:30 – Removed smaller chuck with IT of 174°. Wrapped in foil.

8:00 – Removed larger chunk with the bone and IT was 176°. Covered in foil to rest and sampled 15 minutes later.

How was it? Cut an end off the last chunk. Very good bark that was not thick but was smoky and the mustard/sriracha slather was noticeable.



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