Smoked Salmon & Mahi Mahi

7/9/2023 – Smoked Salmon & Mahi Mahi on the Recteq with mesquite pellets. The salmon was done the same as on 11/26/2022 and the Mahi Mahi was similar but included Kit’s Creole Seasoning.


  • Preheated the smoker to 225 degrees using Recteq’s Mesquite pellets.
  • Seasoned the flesh side and edges of the salmon filets with Dijon mustard, kosher salt, and coarse ground pepper.
  • Seasoned the Mahi Mahi fillets the same then added creole seasoning moderately.
  • Placed salmon skin-side down on a mat in the smoker and Mahi Mahi beside them. Smoked for a little more than an hour until the internal temperature of the much thicker salmon reached 135° (F).

The salmon was good. The Mahi Mahi seemed overcooked as with it then than the salmon it reached temp sooner then could have overcooked.

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