Smoked Seafood Paella – ToTry

This cook was extracted from SMF here.

Broke out the large cast iron pan [the cook] got for Christmas and set up the grill rack on our outdoor fire pit and got some oak wood going. While the fire was getting down to embers I got the PBC going as well.  When ready I did the following:

1.  Sauteed the chorizo (couple links sliced)  in olive oil until slightly browned and then removed

2.  Added the calamari (1lb of tubes and tentacles) and sauteed for a couple minutes and removed.

3.  Then made the sofrito (olive oil, 2 cups onion, 1 cup red bell pepper, 3 cloves garlic chopped) and sauteed until soft.  Then added crushed tomatoes (28oz can) and 1 tsp sweet smoked paprika and 1 tsp saffron threads.

4.  Added fish stock (about 48 oz and added a cup water as well) and rice and continued to cook until rice absorbed the stock and began to form soccarat (refers to the crust that forms on the bottom of the pan when cooking paella). Chorizo and squid were added back in during this process.

5.  Removed from fire and added the 1/2 lb shrimp, 18 or so mussels, and 3/4 lb salmon and put on the PBC with hickory.  After about 30 minutes added the 1/2 cup frozen peas and let go another 10-15minutes.

6.  Removed when mussels were opened and salmon was firm.

Overall this came out well and the smoke flavor added a new twist to our paella.  Just something about cooking over an open fire.

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