Smoked Turkey, Cold, Short Dry Brine

1/9/2023 – Smoked an off-brand 12.7 lb. turkey that claimed it was seasoned and bought from Greers when on sale. Thawed it in the sink for about 6 hours and there was still ice inside and hard-to-remove giblets. Spatchcocked it and seasoned it to smoke today. Sitting on the island it thawed more and even the breasts did not feel frozen but were still cold. The smoked meat was very good and the skin was crispy in most places.

Generally followed the advice in the Meat Church video here and our smoke on 11/23/2022.

  1. Spatchcocked but only cut one side of the backbone leaving it on the other side so the backbone is smoked when making broth for the turkey gumbo. Removed the wing tips and all loose skin and fat.
  2. Dry brined it and seasoned with our Creole Poultry Seasoning (not heavy) to all sides and under the skin of the breasts and thighs. Let “marinate” and thaw more for about 2 hours.
  3. Preheated the Recteq to 325° with Recteq master blend pellets.
  4. At 9:30 AM put the bird in the smoker. At 9:50 inserted the probes and the breast was 29° and the thigh was 89°. Surprised there was that much difference.
  5. At 9:15 am put the bird in the center with a probe in the deepest part of the breast and one in the thigh near the bone. IT of the thigh was 46° and the breast was 38°.
  6. Pulled it at 2 hrs 20 minutes when the IT of the thigh was 186° and the breast was 169°. 

Pulled off the meat and put the carcass on to boil for gumbo and turkey tetrazzini.

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