Smoked Turkey

2/17/2018, Saturday afternoon – This cook turned out great. The skin was not rubbery and very flavorful. The meat was moist and tender. The high-cayenne (4X) 3POGS made the skin fairly spicy in places. Mary was very happy so this method is well worth doing again.

Thawed a 13.24 lb. turkey bought during the past Christmas sales. Trimmed fat and loose skin then spatchcocked. [Mary used the giblets, neck, and backbone to make a pot of broth for something.] Dried it off with paper towels then rubbed on olive oil to hold the seasoning. We only had a little Kit’s Creole Seasoning so used it all on the skin side then shook on the hot 3POGS (made by mistake with 3X more cayenne) fairly heavy on both sides. Put plastic over the bird on the sheet pan and back into the refer.

2/18/2018 – From DirtSailor – “smoke the bird until the IT reads 150 in the breast. Remove and place in a 350 oven to finish. Pull the bird when the IT reaches 160-165. Rest 30-45 minutes.”

7:30 AM – MES has coasted up to 275. Inserted the turkey on the second rack from the bottom and the Amazen tray is smoking with Lumberjack Pecan pellets. Reset MES from the 265 preheat to 250. Ambient temp is 65 with a humidity of 86%. Nice day in late February.

8:30 – MES has settled down to a grate temp of 237.

9:30 – Grate temp is 255.

11:00 – IT is an average of 155. Pulled and put into the oven set to 350 with alarm on  Chefworks set to 160.

11:45 – IT in the breast was 160 and legs were 170. Turned off and left door partly open to cool and rest.

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