Cold Smoking

From TJohnson at SMF – “You need to raise the temp of the fire just enough to attain good quality smoke, and not heat.  Too little heat, and you get ugly white smoke, too much heat, and all you get are BTU’s & no smoke.  During the winter, I tell people to warm their smokers up to 100°, and then shut it down.  Just a few degrees in temp will make a world of difference in the quality of smoke.”

From MrT at SMF

  1. Items that can be cold smoked include meats, braising liquids, breads, broth,  butter, hard and soft cheeses, chips, chocolates, crackers, drinks, fish, herbs, nuts, oysters, pastry, poultry, raw seafood, shrimp, snacks, soups, spices, stock, sushi, raw and cooked vegetables.
  3. – A lot of advice on temps and the process with bacon.



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