Pitmaster’s “The Key” Rubs

“The key” many BBQ pit masters follow as posted here at SMF.

Rub Recipe Map:

For Classic Texas Brisket and basic Tri-Tip start with:

1 part black pepper
1 part kosher salt

For Santa Maria Tri-Tip and beef ribs ADD

1 smidge coarse garlic powder
1 smidge coarse onion powder

For South West Style Brisket, Tri-Tip, and Beef Ribs ADD

1 smidge ancho chili powder
1 pinch of chipotle powder

For Pork Butt ADD

2 smidges of Smoked paprika
1 smidge dry mustard

For chicken and Southern Style (Big and Bad) Brisket, Beef Ribs and Tri-Tip ADD

1 Part black pepper
1 Part brown sugar

For Pork Ribs ADD

1 Part brown sugar

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