Spare Ribs on the Kettle Before Chicken & Pork

3/12/2017 – This cook was good as the pecan in the kettle was better than the pellets in the MES. Rubbed in a lot of Stubbs Hot Pork Rub that provided a nice bark. Also liked the large thick spare ribs and spritzing with apple juice. The SNS burned strong well past the chicken added after the ribs. Enjoyed the ribs all week as they warmed up nicely and were tender without falling apart.

6:00 AM – Pulled silver skin and trimmed fat and the thin end. Rubbed rather heavy with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub. Put back into the refer on a tray covered with plastic.

12:30 – Put the ribs on the kettle set up with the SnS and pecan chunks. It was not up to temp but climb quickly to 225.

2:00 – Spritzed with ACV.

2:30 – Grate temp has been up to 245 and I removed the lid to cool off a little. Have been adjusting the dampers and it fell back down to 210. Rotated the rack 180. Opened the dampers back to 1/4 and it is now at 233.

Before going into the oven

3:00 – Rub is dry so spritzed again with ACV.

4:00 – 3.5 hours in the Kettle so pulled, wrapped in foil and into the oven at 300.

5:30 – Checked and the bones were sticking out 1/2″ so pulled and let rest for 30 minutes. They were very tender, good flavor but no falling apart. Note we did not paint with BBQ Sauce when putting into the foil. I liked them better that way.

After the Ribs – When the ribs came off at 3:30 put on three chicken legs and three thighs. Left them on until they reached ~160. While that was going on I had gotten six pork sirloins on sale and had rubbed with the blackening. Fried them in the Wagner No. 12 skillet on the big propane burner for lunches next week. They turned out great.

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