Spicy Sauerkraut

7/30/2017 – The ingredients below were inspired by Sarah Miller in this recipe. Her post is a good step by step and many photos. Also, see her other kraut post that has more info on making kraut. This made three quarts about 3/4’s full to allow for our new glass follower and head space.

2 small green cabbages – 1.81 lbs/821 gms cleaned and cored
1 yellow onion ~ 425 gms cleaned
2 large carrots ~ 150 gms each skinned
4 cloves garlic  ~~ 6 gms
1T dried oregano – Forgot to add this*
1-3/4 T salt  ~ 33 gm
1 green jalapeno and 1 red with seeds – 22 gms ea
3 one-quart jars

Sliced cabbages with a knife. Chopped onion but should have left it in slices. Sliced Jalapenos and carrots into coins about 1/15-1/8″ thick. Had to go to Hong Kong market to get the jalapenos and we returned sprinkled the salt on in two stages and pounded down the mixture to crush the cabbage. It sat for 30-60 minutes under a towel and Mary put into the three quart jars with the new fermentation glass weights and lids. Soon the contents looked like they had no air spaces and the liquid had filled it in.

Salt Check

821+425+300+6+44 = 1596 gms
33/1596 = 2.06 %  OK!!!

7/31/2017, 5:00 PM – The liquid is now above the mix in all three jars.

8/5/2017 – Six days fermenting but tried it anyway. Tasted like kraut with the carrots very crunchy still and no heat from the peppers.

*8/7/2017 – Finally added the dried Oregano. Put a little less the 1t in each quart jar then shook it a little to get the oregano wet and into the brine.

8/12/2017 – Tried it for the third time with lunch with Mary at home on a Saturday. Neither of us was impressed as it is not spicy and has an off taste.

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