Steak Grilled on Sportsman at Farm

July 8, 2016

Bought a 1-1/4″ thick steak at Winn Dixie. Seasoned it with black pepper and seasoning salt/tenderizer in early afternoon.

  1. Pre-heated Sportsmans Gas Grill until EVO on grate began to smoke.
  2. Put meat on one side and turned that side off. Closed lid as first step in reverse sear.  Left other side on high.
  3. Three minutes later flipped meat side to side on high and turned it off. Turned now empty side to high and closed lid.
  4. Repeated about 3 times for 2-3 minutes each.  During this phase grilled thick sliced zucchini on the other side with burner on high.
  5. Left it on over burner on high and flipped it twice after about 3 minutes each side until muscles pulled into identifiable pieces slightly and fat was rendering.
  6. During the flipping over high

Rested maybe 15 minutes until cut and eaten. Nice reddish center with good browned outside where flames from rendered fat onto the burner guard had kissed it.

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