Steaks on the Chimney

9/27/2015 – Bought three rib eye steaks that were 1/2″-3/4″ thick, 10″ long and 5″ wide. Cut them in half to make six small steaks that fit well within the diameter of the charcoal starter chimney. Salted with kosher salt two of them about 1pm and put them on the grill about 6pm. Coals were full grey covered and HOT. Grilled them 3 minutes per side as recommended by Meathead at

They were a bit chewy and not like a rib eye should be. Flavor was a bit bland as had not added fresh ground black pepper with salt per Meathead. He said the high heat would burn the pepper and make it bitter.

9/28/2015 – About 8am we salted, peppered and added Tenderizer to the other four halves. About 6pm put them one at a time on the Chimney turning them more that once and checking with instant read thermometer. Took them off at 135 degrees more or less and wrapped them individually in aluminum foil. These were more tender and better flavor. I did not detect burned or bitter pepper. Kept two in the foil for leftovers this week.

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